Wednesday, April 7

My Favorite Program of the Season

If you didn't already guess..


Pattie said...

I agree. Love the freedom in this and his skating skills are so solid.

jumping clapping man said...

NFW!? wow. i figured there was someone out there who lived for this type of thing. i respect it's uniqueness, particularly in the field of 09-10 season programs. and, he is a beautiful, unfussy skater. BUT, it neither tugs on emotional cords for me, nor is transcendent in any way...two of my primary markers for a great program. i sort of feel like i'm watching compulsories to music. i think i also lean towards jeremy's SP, if i were to HAVE to pick a rock number. at least he's NOT cheesy in any way, which most male skaters and rock usually adds up to.

Tony said...

I know that Kozuka has to really start selling things with his face and with the command in which he does everything, but he's actually a very similar skater to Abbott IMO, except that Jeremy always skates with way too much tension and it always looks like he never has any sleep. He lets loose only after he gets through his elements, while Takahiko moves freely with his whole body right from the beginning. I think both of them have great short programs (along with Takahashi as far as the men go), but there's just something about the way Kozuka skates and something about this program that I really love, and could watch over and over. And the thing is that I really do feel he senses the music well and feels some kind of emotion towards it, but he's just so polite in nature that he really doesn't break out of that shell ever. Even when he gets his scores, he's just always very polite without a whole lot of emotion. Yu-Na was like this back in the day, and then her change in personality from 2006 to 2007 was really something..

Tony said...

Oh, and I forgot to include in all those rambling thoughts that Kozuka is another coming of Matt Savoie in my opinion... beautiful skating that really gets the point across without having to sell it in anywhere near an in-your-face manner. I just really think Kozuka will be the skater I really root for in the following years. It was Butyrskaya until she retired and then Rochette shortly after... sounds about time for someone new :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite, as well, trailed by "Eye" and "Day in the Life".

I like the Yu-na-Kozuka comparison! I think they both feel music completely, but their facial masques aren't the type to show it. Kozuka doesn't really have that moment of posing (except for his awesome wink in the beginning, which totally sets the mood for me), where he makes his presence known, but the whole thing has just a perfectly satisfying feeling of perfectly interpreted music. I like the Savoie comparison as well! Neither of them are actors or attention grabbers, but they understand music completely and that's why they are so mesmerizing.

Everyone prefers something different, but I just can't get into overacted showy numbers, unless they are mindblowingly well done.

It's interesting how his LP has similar musical composition, yet a different mood/feeling, but he does them both very differently. What a performer!

Anonymous said...

I was an old fan of ladies figure skating. However, I hadn’t watched many competitions for a while because of my busy days. Then, from this year I have had enough time to enjoy them and noticed Takahiko and Daisuke in Olympics and WC.
I love to see both to skate with thrilling and impression. Yeah, I like your choice and agree with your opinion for Takahiko. He is so polite and not enough to show his emotions to the judges or audiences, even himself, I guess. His attitudes are more like a sportsmanship or connect to Japanese Bushi-do. If he will be able to send his feelings more and can forget one mistake and make a fast correction in his performances, he will stand the center of podium more often.
I think you already know why Takahiko and Jeremy give you similarities. Jeremy’s coach and Takahiko’s choreographer is the same person who is Yuka Sato, and her coach was her father Nobuo Sato who is the present Takahiko’s coach and was his father’s coach. After I had this information, I got why.
Sorry, my comments are kind of long because English isn’t my first language.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to see your off season’s blog.