Saturday, April 3

My Skating Memories: 1993 World Championships and Nancy Kerrigan

The 1993 World Championships were actually the very first time that I found figure skating, and I'm sure that I stayed up way past my bedtime one night as a 6-year old to watch the ladies free skate. Of course one of the big stories was that of Ukrainian Oksana Baiul surprisingly winning the gold medal, but the big shock was that American Nancy Kerrigan fell from first place in the short program to fifth overall with a mess of a free skate to "Beauty and the Beast". (And this ties in with the recent World Championships as Mirai Nagasu became the first lady since Kerrigan to win the short program and then not end up on the podium at all at Worlds-- she finished 7th.) Filled with the agony of Kerrigan's disaster was her reaction in the kiss and cry, in which she exclaimed, "it doesn't matter.. I just want to die." Oh figure skating, how I knew I was going to love you from that very moment. Where else do you get that kind of drama? Just kidding.. I liked skating for many different reasons, and I felt really bad for Nancy at the time. After the Olympics drama the next season and her reply to waiting for Baiul at the medal ceremony and then her whole Disney debacle, I didn't feel so bad anymore. But that's a story for a different time, yes?

Watch the program for yourself:

Many years later, when I really got into figure skating very seriously, Kerrigan competed at the 2000 Goodwill Games (which was a "winter" edition of the event and featured a pro skating competition). She skated to "Great Expectations" in the artistic program and won the bronze medal. l absolutely loved this program; easily her best in my opinion. I guess I became somewhat of a fan again. :-)

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