Friday, April 16

Pro Scene Revitalized?

Word on the street is that Scott Hamilton and co. are looking to re-create the pro competition circuit that really soared in the mid-1990's, with a possible six competitions taking place in the winter of the 2011 season.

Well, isn't that exciting!? I'm not a huge fan of show and professional skating because I find most of it so cheesy, but with skaters like Shizuka Arakawa, Jeffrey Buttle, and Stephane Lambiel still keeping their skills up, I think this could be amazing!

More as I hear it.


Anonymous said...


Tonichelle said...

Hadn't heard this, but it will be great news - Scott Hamilton is our generation's Dick Button, there's no denying it now.

I don't know if Scott will ever see skating hit another golden era like the one he enjoyed after Sarajevo, but I really hope this latest endeavor works out and that the ISU has no hold/control over it. When the pro competitions became Pro-Ams, skating lost.

Excited Fan said...

Cool, although I'm kind of surprised they didn't plan for this to be immediately post-Vancouver. Wouldn't that have made more sense, striking while the iron was hottest?

As busy as Kwan is, I'm sure she could be coaxed into a pro competition or two.

Tonichelle said...

Kwan's always been anti-professional skating... the idea of joining the hasbeens is probably still well beneath her.