Saturday, April 10

Queen Yu-Na..

is currently in FIRST place of the 200 candidates on TIME's 2010 100 Most Influential list. She had been in second for  a long while, behind Lady Gaga, but this morning I gave it a quick check and down went Gaga's influence "score", moving Kim ahead. Hmm. Well, she is the biggest celebrity in Korea and all..

By the way, Joannie Rochette is also on the list and she's sitting in 23rd place.

Adam Lambert in 4th and Kanye West in 29th? The latter might have some catchy music, but the last time I checked the only influential thing he was doing was teaching people how NOT to act. Maybe that's what he is getting the votes for.

Here's the link to the list.

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Anonymous said...

it's a huge accomplishment considering many um haters are voting her down by giving her 1 out of 100. what they don't realize is the number of votes is factored into the decision. hehe

but who are we kidding? it's a popularity contest and not about being the most influential. although yuna did start her own religion in korea and converted an entire country.

anyways, it would be awesome to see yuna and joannie at the times 100 party together when the final tally is officially released.