Sunday, April 18

Something I'd Never Seen..

Maria Butyrskaya's 2002 Worlds qualifying skate. She withdrew after this portion put her in a tie for 11th place and then retired from amateur skating. The middle of the program really fell apart after she switched things up, in part, because of falling out of a triple toe that she usually combined with a triple Salchow. She threw in a triple loop where she was usually doing transitions and then did a half loop/double Salchow- the first time I think she tried that jump on its own since her 1999 free skate. That whole part of the program was completely improvised and it looked more like a training session than competitive program- let alone from a former World Champion.

By the way- she skated first in this qualifying group and you'll note that she didn't stick around to see the marks after the performance, which dropped into the 4's. She probably was preparing her plane ticket back to Moscow already.


kortney said...

Agreed, awful...except it was a half-loop/double salchow...not a falling leaf ;)

Tony said...

Yeah you are correct! It was an ugly half loop at that!