Tuesday, April 20

A Star in the Making Way Back When..

Here's 16-year old Stephane Lambiel competing in his home country at the 2002 European Championships, in which he placed 4th overall with no triple Axel or quadruple jump at that time. This performance might remind you of Florent Amodio, not only because of the music but because of the way Lambiel obviously just "got" how to sell a program and believe in it from a very young age. I always loved the tight-rope walking segment at 2:00.. too bad (again) the new judging system doesn't really give much time or reward for little to no difficulty in choreography, even if it has a big impact on the program as a whole. By the way, the first piece Lambiel uses is Abracadabra by La Trabant and Sebastian Libolt. I know many people have asked about it in the past.

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