Thursday, April 15

The Stars are on Ice in Japan

Some highlights from the Japanese tour..

I absolutely love this program for Joannie, and I wish she'd be able to let loose and skate with the same abandonment in her competitive programs. She really moves effortlessly and it looks beautiful, all while having so much power. I'm taking it Shae-Lynn Bourne choreographed the program based on the last move of the program-- the only part I didn't particularly like.

Shizuka Arakawa hasn't lost much since her Olympic win, and she continues to present great programs. An interesting mix of music-- O Fortuna and Ave Maria.. but I still love watching her skate.

Shen and Zhao brought back a different take on their 2002 and 2003 free skate to Turandot. Check out the cool "lift" at 1:21 and 2:50. I remember watching the Grand Prix in 2001 and seeing this team work on the choreography for the program in a fluff and it was the first year they attempted to really listen to the music and present themselves as artists. Look how far they've come!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I went to see one of the SOI Japan shows! It was truly amazing. Not only the skaters you quoted here, but everyone looked so much more unique than they look on TV. It's great to see skaters perform their Olympic programs in a show.

Kurt is a great entertainer and his jumps are still very high and precise. Joannie is much more beautiful and feminine than she looks on TV. I love her "Immortal" too! Virtue & Moir are so mature and entertaining. Jeff skated as smooth as if he spread butter on the ice.
Naturally Japanese skaters are so popular in Japan, but I think now there are much more Canadian skaters' fans in Japan after the SOI.