Sunday, April 18

The Swiss Miss of the Last Decade

I hope Sarah Meier sticks around for at least one more season. She earned two berths for Switzerland in the 2011 European Championships, which take place in Bern. She's been one of my favorites since I first saw her skate at the 2000 World Junior Championships, and I'd absolutely love to see her turn this Amelie exhibition into a competitive program. Check out the beautiful circular footwork she does starting at the one minute mark.

While you're at it, check out that performance at the 2000 World Junior Championships. She was hoping for a top eight finish but earned the bronze medal behind Americans Jenny Kirk and Deanna Stellato. Sarah was somewhat overshadowed by that battle for gold, and by fourth-place finisher Tamara Dorofejev of Hungary who was third in the free skate. Also in this competition? Sixth place finisher Sasha Cohen, coming off her silver medal at the US National Championships as a senior. Todd Eldredge of all people and everyones favorite Andrea Joyce are the commentators.

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