Tuesday, April 20

Weir Speaks at Gay Rights Fundraiser

As much as I didn't care for all of the press around Johnny for things having to do with everything BUT his skating the last few years, I actually think he's relaxed himself and has become really well-spoken (I personally thought he did extremely well as a commentator at the World Championships). He believes in what he says without having to always overdo it anymore. I think that the "once every four years" fans didn't help his situation against the non-fans (or haters) when he delivered two strong performances in Vancouver and they all cried scandal, but that isn't his fault. Anyways.. this post isn't about his skating and we will move on from that mess :-)

A friend who moved to California (that has nothing to do with figure skating) took part in the states Gay Rights Fundraiser in which Johnny was a guest speaker, and he posted a link on Facebook to Weir's speech. Check it out.

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Tonichelle said...

very surprised this hasn't gone round the skating world via message boards yet.

or the fact that the Johnny's Angels and other fans haven't jumped all over this in the comments.