Sunday, April 18

What are your thoughts of Morosov's coaching and his return to Russia? I'm not convinced he's the greatest coach, but maybe he could be just the thing for Russia?

I think he has (or had?) a lot of power and for a long time his name was associated with "revolutionary" or "great" choreography. I don't think so. I think that he came up with some good footwork sequences for Yagudin back in the day, but now everyone is doing stuff similar, and his choreography is usually very empty or not the best for the skater it is given to. Perfect example is the difference between Takeshi Honda in his 2002 Concierto de Aranjuez and then his 2003 Riverdance. He went from absolutely amazing choreography in the former (by Lori Nichol) to a completely empty and boring program by Morozov.

Every once in a while, to his credit, Nikolai comes up with something very good (Fernandez long program last year), but more often than not I don't see anything special. It's like he overdid himself so much in the beginning because everyone wanted to work with him, that his few ideas ran out quickly and now he just picks music and generic choreography without much thought to it. Well, that's just my own opinion..

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