Wednesday, April 14

What do you think of all the hype surrounding the Russian junior ladies? In particular, Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva have gotten the most notice... you think they'll survive puberty?

Well, Russia sure has plenty of ladies coming up the ranks. You can never guess about how puberty is going to effect them, but I think they will manage. I also like Shelepen but my personal favorite right now is probably Polina Agafonova, the girl who won bronze at this years World Juniors. She's a tiny skater but still has a lot of power and she pays attention to the choreography. One that I wasn't impressed with at all (and who probably has already gone through puberty) is Anna Ovcharova. I saw a lot of the typical Russian stroking and sloppiness in her, and I have a feeling this was her one year to make it internationally, and then she will be passed by all of the others. To her credit, though, she does a lot of the elements with very good execution, and it reflects in her marks. I just think her components (at least at Junior Worlds) were a bit generous.

I also like Tuktamysheva a lot, and Sotnikova is good but a bit slow. It'll be exciting again finally the next few years in Russia!

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