Wednesday, April 28

What do you think of the more outlandish/garish costumes: simply an expression of the skater's personality or another hindrance in keeping the public from taking skating seriously?

I don't always understand them, but everyone has their own style, I guess. In dance (more than anything) we see these over-the-top costumes, and even though they are supposed to fit the character of the program, I think they detract from actually watching the quality of the skating (Belbin and Agosto's original dance from this season comes to mind as I type this). Maybe that's what the coaches are hoping to do when presenting the skaters like that, though, as a way to hide the weaknesses. It's always been like that within ice dancing and I don't see it changing any time soon. I don't really think the other disciplines really suffer from that. A few cases here and there, but as a whole I think the skaters are dressed well.

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Cassie said...

It's a bit funny but I thought Kevin van der Perren's skeleton costume was more distracting than Johnny Weir's pink tassle costume. Maybe because Johnny could actually pull it off while Kevin looked like Donnie Darko?

Tony said...

Johnny's costume didn't really bother me. Kevin's was more funny than distracting.. I would never understand the story behind it even if it made perfect sense..