Wednesday, April 21

What a Fun Program

Ana Cecilia Cantu of Mexico has been around for a while, but never made the cut for the free skate at the World Championships until 2009. She skated early in the day, but landed a clean triple flip and triple Salchow/double loop combination to end up 24th and have just enough points to skate the long program. While she wasn't completely clean (singled double Axel), her short programs in particular are always very engaging. This one, to Beetlejuice, is no different. Check out the awesome shoot-the-duck type spin she does around the 1:10 mark, too. The judges need to start rewarding early-group skaters much more on their actual performances. Many of them may struggle to rotate triples or barely pay attention to any choreography or the music, it doesn't mean that is true for all of them. See this program as an example of that!

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Natalie said...

What a spin! I have never seen anything like it.