Wednesday, April 14

What is your take on the 2002 World's Ice Dance scandal? I'm a dance expert but thus always puzzles me. I mean, the judges didn't like the Lithuanians, but they sure didn't like the Israelis eaither. And the petition (mostly) everyone signed?

I didn't know much about ice dance back then, but I really loved the Lithuanians, especially that free dance. At the time, I really thought they were robbed and just couldn't understand it, although oddly enough Drobiazko had that big error on the side-by-side footwork in the original dance and they were 3rd there. I do remember their free dance patterns being a lot of circles around mid-ice though, and sometimes her posture and finish wasn't always the best.

I think the judges liked the Israelis but once they won their medal they kind of just dumped them. I remember how much the fans loved them at the 2000 Skate Canada, especially in the original dance. The message boards seemed to be full of people thinking they deserved to beat Anissina/Peizerat that night (and how I remember little stuff like that, I have no idea..)

I have 200-some tapes sitting at my moms house right now from almost every event aired on American television between 1999 and 2004; I need to go get them and start writing up my (new) thoughts about everything. Watching skating on Youtube or the internet just isn't the same!

Ask me a question about figure skating!

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