Friday, April 2

Which exhibition programs from throughout the years are your favourites? (Haha...and have you seen Plushenko performing Sex Bomb?)

Yes, I saw Plushenko perform Sex Bomb way back in the day. Every time I think about any of the skating between 1999 and 2002, I really can't believe how long ago it was. I guess once I started college, everything really just flew by!

As far as which exhibitions are my favorites, hmmmm.. I really liked Drobiazko and Vanagas' 2002 exhibition, Butyrskaya's Carmen and Forever Tango, Kwan's East of Eden and Winter and Dante's Prayer, Bobek's Motown Medley and Cabaret, Sawyer's How Much is the Fish? from 2002 Canadian Nationals, Witt's I Belong to Me... I'm thinking of all of these off the top of my head. I'll reply later with a more comprehensive list! I don't really watch much exhibition skating anymore, though..

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