Sunday, April 18

Which of the up-and-coming men's crop do you think will do the best: Brezina, D10, Kozuka, Fernandez, Rippon, Amodio, etc.?

That's so tough! I think that all of them have great potential, but Brezina will definitely get the push now. I wish he'd just really go back and work on his spins all summer. After that, I'd say Kozuka (my personal favorite) but probably not until Takahashi is out of the picture. Denis Ten really needs some consistency before the judges really take him seriously, and Rippon just needs to make his skating "bigger" and faster as a whole, as well as landing the triple Axel more often. Fernandez has made great strides in the last few years, but I don't think he's going to get much further than hovering around 10th place unless he changes coaches; that, or he needs Morozov to come up with some kind of masterpiece. I love Amodio and think he was underscored at Worlds but he's also already shown moments of absolute brilliance and then the complete opposite in the very next program or competition. In comparison with my scorecard, I think the judges hold him way too low on skating skills and interpretation in particular.

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