Thursday, May 6

Are you as tired as I am of the Mao and Yu-Na fans who can't acknowledge the brilliance of both skaters? Also, how excited are you that we will get to witness the rivalry of Voir and Marlie over the coming years?

I actually don't get bothered by it. I get a lot of Formspring "messages" about one or the other and how they are so great, but I just delete them and go on with my day. I think that both do have great qualities, and I truly hope that next year Asada will be given the right vehicle for her skating. At the same time, if Yu-Na stays in and competes, I hope that she still finds the motivation to really make it a serious competition once again between the two. I've said it before and I'll say it again-- I like both of them at an equal level, so there's no chance in convincing me to lean one way or the other. I know it is a lot to ask for many others, but rivalries are obviously great for the sport.

Same thing applies to Virtue and Moir. I think if they have any hint of being not as motivated as they were at the end of this season, then the potential for Davis and White to end up on top is surely there. The question really will be if any of the other teams will be able to catch up. Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

Tony, how peaceful you are!
I'm pretty much bothered to see those militant fans of Yuna and Mao. I'm fed up to see them creating a mess in many good blogs and forums like yours - why the fans of the Olympic and World Champions have to fight each other!!??

I think it's one of the ugly things that the current "absolute" scoring system created. In the Olympics, Yuna got the Gold because she did better. In the Worlds, the contrary happened. THAT'S ALL! Why the ridiculous scores!!?? They are just creating dispute and hatred!

I'm Mao's big fan myself but Mao's so special to me that I don't even dream of comparing her to Yuna. In this particulalr sport, the fact that a skater is so special to oneself is much more important than medals or scores. That is one of the biggest charms of this sport, I believe.

I wouldn't ask the maniacs to love the rival of their loved skater, but love can help itself without help of hatred for the rivals.