Thursday, May 6

Do non Grand Prix events count on the season's best list? If not, how do skaters without placements move up?

No. It's kind of a vicious circle, isn't it? The skaters on the Grand Prix, Junior Grand Prix and finishing high at the ISU Championships are the ones in line for Grand Prix events the next season, while skaters with the senior-B events, because they aren't ranked high enough in these standings (and along with that the World Rankings), have to hope that they have some amazing showing at Euros, Worlds, whatever to have even a little bit of consideration for the Grand Prix (or high enough points in the World Rankings to skate later in the day in the Majors). In all honesty, though, I like the Grand Prix selection process now. I think that almost all of the skaters who deserve spots do get the spots.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that makes Akiko Suzuki's comeback even more a
amazing then! I'm glad whoever gave her a chance at a GP!