Monday, May 10

Do you know if the suspected 1.1 factor for combinations is going to go into effect next year? Also, do you know if someone does a combination after the halfway point, will it get multiplied by the 1.1 factor twice?

The plan is to have it start next season if this passes, and as far as I understand, yes, there would be a double factor.

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Anonymous said...

This is why the quad is going to die! Why do a quad when any kind of jump or combo jump could get multiplied by 2.2%!!! Why would anyone do a quad! This could even get rid of the triple axel!!

Anonymous said...

Nope, disagree.
Just think of the HUGE advantage a combo with quad or a 3A will give! As long as even one of the skaters attempt this (and succeed) in a meet ( and some already do), others will also have to follow suit in order to be able to reach the podium.
Also rules aside, there will always be those who'll consider quads as THE ultimate/necessary thing for mens (Plushenko and Takahashi leading the pack). As long as this train of thought exists, quads will never die.

Anonymous said...

But Takahashi doesn't even actually do quads anymore successfully. Plushenko lost the olympics. I don't thing they are very inspiration to up and coming skaters who want to win. Remember when winners did quads? Now they don't.

As for the first point triple axel double toes are worth more after the halfway point than quads are worth. That is going to be the new thing. Maybe both triple axels after the halfway point. I believe triple axels are easier than quads are. So you don't have to go to quad you just move your triple axels. 1.1 for being after the halfway point and another 1.1 for being a combo soon. Quads are hard and under COP it pays not to do them.