Thursday, May 6

Do you think the Joubert - Orser team, if it is more than just for the summer, can be fruitful in any way at this point?

I tihnk there are a few different factors that will determine it more than anything else. I know he has the motivation, and we have to remember besides Vancouver, he really didn't have that bad of a four years. He needs to really go back and work on his basics, such as showing more one-foot skating and more transitions than just crossovers and two-foot skating around the rink. Also, he's always been scored pretty generously in my opinion in the choreography mark, but a move to Orser would probably get him in with David Wilson. Definitely the possibility of some big changes, and Brian obviously has the potential to be at the top again with some work on the second mark. I'm not that concerned about the technical side. Yeah, he has the occasional lapse of concentration and makes a silly mistake, but he still manages to be right near the top every year. The last time he wasn't on the World podium was 2005-- that's a pretty consistent track record versus many of his competitors.

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Cassie said...

While I like the thought of Joubert with Orser I cringed when you mentioned David Wilson. I hope Orser realizes that Wilson and Joubert have completely opposite styles and finds a different choreographer.