Friday, May 7

Do you think you think that the changes will cause a change in how judges score PCS? I feel like sometimes the judges were grading PCS on a curve for those with higher technical content...

I think it is pretty obvious that reputation, skate order and the performance (in a technical sense) do play a big part in the PCS. I don't think there need to be changes to the criteria of them, but I just think the judges need more training and understanding of how it works. In my interview with Patrick Ibens, he discussed how the judges typically know what average score of PCS they need to give (based on the skating order) to be in line with the rest of the judges and inside the "corridor" of marks. There's no reason a skater can't be a 7.50 or so in skating skills but then a 4.50 or even 5.50 in transitions, but we very rarely see a spread between the five scores of more than 1.25 or so.

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