Sunday, May 2

Has the level of artistry among younger skaters gone down in recent years? I think back to how artistic Lu Chen, Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, and Oksana Baiul were in their early-mid teenage years compared to young skaters now.

Yeah, but I think that a lot of it has to do with the scoring system and the way that certain things that have nothing to do with choreography now have to be done if you want to get high levels or high grades of execution. You have to throw all kinds of moves into the footwork that hardly relates to the music, and you have to add twisted variations to spins that aren't always the prettiest to look at, etc. It's more like a mechanical skate now rather than coming up with a bunch of fresh and entertaining programs. Every so often there is a skater that really shines and just GETS what it means to sense the music and pour their emotions out, but not nearly like there used to be. They just simply don't have the time! Hopefully that will start to change a bit next season by removing the spiral sequence. etc.

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