Sunday, May 2

Hi from Japan. Sorry if someone has asked the same question before. How does the technical panel decide the level of a spin or step sequence? I just personally don't get it why Takahashi's circular step sequence in SP didn't get Level 4 at the Olympics.

There are requirements to achieve levels of each spin that are published in a communication somewhere on the ISU website. I'll post a link to it after I reply to this message if I can find it. As far as the footwork, there is also obviously a list of criteria to determine the level, but it's much more subjective and up to the technical panel to decide, Many times, it is a level three one day and then a level four the next.

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mikeko said...

Thank you for answering my question. Yeah, that makes sense. He got Level 4 at the World for the same step sequence even though his SP performance looked better at the Olympics. I am no expert though.
You actually scored each performance at the Olympics. What level did you give to his CSS in SP?

Tony said...

I scored the performances in real-time, based on what the technical panel assigned the spins, steps, and spirals. So while I gave each element a grade of execution, I trusted the panel as far as level assignments and downgrades :-)