Saturday, May 8

How are skaters assigned to the Grand Prix events? I know skaters are invited to the series based on their ISU ranking, but who decides which events they attend?

They are invited based on their placement at the previous World Championships, World Rankings, Seasons Best scores, etc. You probably already know that. From the top three in the World, the host nations decide which two each of them will compete in, but none of the top three skaters/teams from the previous Worlds will meet each other before the GPFinal, if they qualify. Same for 4-6. I'm pretty sure after that, the six host nations send out their invites to the skaters based on how many assignments they originally receive from the ISU (although some might be host nation invites?). Host nations obviously get preference on the three skaters or teams they want to skate at their own events.

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Meri said...

If I'm not mistaken, the seeded skaters get to request specific events - usually everyone wants to go to Paris, except maybe Brian Joubert - but I'm not sure how much weight their preferences are given.

Once the skaters who are guaranteed invites are assigned to the various events, I think the host Feds can invite whoever they want from the top 75 on the season's best list, or anyone from their own country (e.g. Plushenko getting Rostelecom last season).