Sunday, May 2

How likely do you think it is that the spiral will be eliminated as an SP requirement? I hate the sameness of spiral sequences these days, but I think they need to be revised not removed.

I say take it out. It always looks the same with a very few skaters doing different variations. The time it takes to do that will give the skaters more time to fill the program with in-betweens and other choreography that they didn't really have time for.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony.
But won't it end up making the PCS (TR & CH) scores weigh heavier and the larger part of the scoring unclear unless the PCS scores are made responsibly accountable.
Besides I personally want them to maintain spiral because it represents flexible beauty of ladies' figure skating. I would rather keep it and review the current ridiulous level requirements that value digital aspects (seconds, meters) over beauty and perfection of the positions.