Friday, May 7

IceNetwork Off-Season Updates posted an article today highlighting some of the changes the American skating team has made so far this off-season. Among the news, some interesting tidbits:

- Yuka Sato will now coach Alissa Czisny full-time in Detroit. Czisny was a bit of a question mark as to whether she would continue competing on the amateur level. Good move? Sato is a master of deep edges and gorgeous basics, but she also coaches the wildly inconsistent Jeremy Abbott with husband Jason Dungjen. We shall see..

- 2006 World Champion Kimmie Meissner will also attempt a comeback next year, and has announced she will now be coached by Chris Conte. He has previously worked on jumping technique with Tim Goebel, Sasha Cohen, and Emily Hughes using Dartfish. Good move? Meissner went through a growth spurt and it obviously threw off the technique of her jumps. Hopefully she has adjusted to her change in body and is successful in her return. Someone that really understand jump technique is definitely what she needs.

- Becky Bereswill is moving to Canton, Michigan, to train with Johnny Johns and Fedor Andreev. I would guess this means Andreev will not be returning as an ice dancer with Russian Jana Khoklova next season? Maybe he's ambitious and will do both, but I doubt it.

Other coaching changes and retirements can be found on the IceNetwork page.

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