Friday, May 14

It's a bit late for this question, but I just found your blog/formspring! Could you explain in more detail why you didn't think Johnny Weir was underscored in Vancouver (and, in fact, thought he was slightly overscored?)

I just thought that his programs were pretty empty in transitions and choreography, and while he had stories behind both of them and how they really had a deep meaning, he really was just stroking around or doing simple skating mostly throughout while pretty much every guy ahead of him really had a strength in one of those areas. I've always thought that it looks like Johnny is doing things methodically rather than letting go and really selling the programs, and I thought it was really apparent during his free skate. Even though he landed the jumps, I just didn't feel any excitement.

What it all comes down to, in my opinion, is that everyone else has improved or adjusted to make the new judging system work for their style of skating. Weir looks pretty much the exact same that he did before the IJS was even around, and I think that's why I really felt he was basically judged pretty fair in Vancouver.

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Delonjo said...

I agree with you. Johnny's Oly FS was not underscored by a long shot but that's their story and they are sticking to it. Johnny's FS was empty and extremely pretentious. Seriously, his programs had laugh-inducing titles, such as "I Love You/I Hate You." He should have incurred a 10-point deduction just for that nonsense. Johnny also commits the cardinal sin of skating slooooooow. Johnny hasn't brought fire to the ice since 2006. Johnny is a dichotomy in some ways. He's very brash and opinionated off the ice but on the ice he's tentative and insecure and craving validation.

Johnny peaked in 2006. And since then other skaters have surpassed him. Many other posters on other blogs disagree with me but I call it as I see it.