Wednesday, May 5

Joubert to Canada?

I know small pieces of this have been suggested elsewhere already, but I'm also joining in on hearing from different sources that the plan is for Brian Joubert to go to Toronto for the summer and work with Brian Orser. He is currently without a coach and it sounds like this might have been a decision made by French Federation President Didier Gailhaguet. What I wasn't told is whether this pairing is meant to be temporary for the 2011 season or just for the summer. As always, more if I hear it.

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Meri said...

Never a dull moment with Joubert, is there?

According to this article (it's in French - I think that's the local paper for the Poitiers area) Joubert will indeed be going to Canada. It doesn't say who will coach him, though. And it seems like Laurent Depouilly made the decision to leave by himself.