Friday, May 7

One of My Favorite US Ladies Retires

I don't think it's newsworthy to anyone that I find most of the United States figure skaters pretty boring. I don't know what it is, but I've always thought many of the other nations offer up really interesting and creative skaters while the US is still mostly stuck in traditional skating. However, I was sad to read on FSOnline today that Beatrisa Liang has decided to retire from competitive skating because I always thought she dared to be different and had an excitement about herself. She had a rocky few seasons after making it to the 2008 World Championships and just placing inside the top 10, but she showed some fight at the most recent US Nationals and I thought that would give her the encouragement to continue on. I remember watching the 2001 Nationals and seeing her place in the top 6 in her very first try, at the age of 12! I will really miss her and wish her the best of success.

Here's some of my favorites from her through the years: Her 2003 short program to Duel, her 2005 short program to Harry Potter, her 2005 free skate and her 2006 free skate with different music cuts but both using the great Primavera Portena, and her 2008 short program (she had a great performance at Worlds with it, but it isn't on Youtube. Still, a great program!)..

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trewyn said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these! The 2008 Worlds SP was the one to the Sorcerer's Apprentice, right? I thought that was very original at the time. I got into figure skating from the 2007/2008 season, so I didn't realize what a gem Beatrisa was in all the seasons before that one! She looked so powerful, dynamic and the way she expresses the music and all the arm gestures are quite unique! Her SP to Harry Potter is brilliant. I never realized someone skated to that music; she really pulled it off! So dynamic! The last season I haven't seen that much of her, but I often thought she looked a bit laboured, trying to force the issue. Too bad she didn't get any serious hardware... Her 2005 National performances could have gotten her better medals than pewter on the Nationals scene the past few years. Those triples looked strong and rotated!
Now I'm sad she's retiring...