Friday, May 14

What do you think about the 6-3 split at Nagano in favor of Lipinski? Do you think it should have been more/less close, or that Tara should not have won at all?

Well, as someone who grew up with the 6.0 system (I was 11 during those Olympics), I always thought that Tara won fair and square. That was also before I, myself, started skating and learning more about the basics. I look back now and I think I probably would have given it to Kwan with IJS. But under the previous 6.0 system, I think Michelle was tentative just enough to let Tara really steal the show.

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Anonymous said...

Kwan should have won. Tara just was lucky because of the draw. The skater infront of her really screwed up and so she got an advantage of that as well. If you just see Tara first and Michelle right after her then I'm sure you would say Michelle deserved to win.