Wednesday, May 5

What do you think about the new Khokhlova/Andreev partnership? Some are really excited! ( But is the Russian fed going to discard them as they previously did with K&N?

I wrote about it very briefly a few weeks ago and I don't know what to think, besides that it seems Andreev is very, very determined to get back into skating internationally in some way. I've never seen him as an ice dancer, so I can't really comment on how I think this team will turn out, but in all honesty I'm really surprised Khoklova couldn't (or chose not to?) find a different partner that has years of experience in ice dance. However, their coaches (which include his mother!) have the top two teams from the Olympics and I'm sure they will find a way to get this team out there and noticed quickly, if it indeed works out.

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jumping clapping man said...

i don't get dancers train for could he in a few short years/months whip himself into competitive shape for that field? it seems silly. yes, he's HAWT, yes, he has promise, but he ain't young no mo.

Anonymous said...

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