Tuesday, May 11

What Was That Music?

I've come across a few findings of obscure pieces used by skaters in the last few weeks, and I thought I'd share for those of you that have as big of an interest in the music as I do! These listings, especially the ones with the *, (to my knowledge) have never been listed or were incorrectly identified on TV broadcasts or websites, or didn't have the correct artist noted.

Maria Butyrskaya 1993 free skate:
The final piece is Calypso by Jean-Michel Jarre

Anna Rechnio 1998 free skate:
La Cumparsita/Tango Please by David Herschfelder & The Bogo Pogo Orchestra
La Cumparsita by The Columbia Ballroom Orchestra
*Moonfire by Richard Clayderman

Maria Butyrskaya 1998 exhibition:
*Adagio by Jose Zariz

Diana Poth 1999 short program:
*Black Velvet by Gerry Parker

Stephane Lambiel 2002 free skate:
*Abracadabra by La Trabant/Sebastian Libolt
Carrousel/Zydeko from Quidam by Cirque du Soleil

Drobiazko/Vanagas 2002 exhibition:
*Adagio by Eleni Karaindrou

Julia Sebestyen 2004 short program:
*La Vie Est Belle by Andre Rieu

I think I'll turn this into a recurring feature :)

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Thanks so much for this!