Friday, May 14

Who do you think failed to capitalize on their potential more, Bobek or Harding? Which one had more potential?

Definitely Tonya Harding. Check out my posting about her from the 1991 National Championships a few posts down. She really had all the goods. Too bad it only really lasted for about 12 months (January-December 1991).

Nicole, on the other hand, will always be one of my favorites for her ability to sell the hell out of a program and sense the music like no one else, but she wasn't as technically sound as Harding (even though she really did have spirals and some spins that blew most of the other skaters away pre-IJS).

They both had plenty of wasted talent, but never did I think that Bobek would be in worse shape than Harding in her personal life. It's really unbelievable.

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Delonjo said...

Tonya is the most profound waste of potential but Bobek shouldn't be let off the hook. Both ladies were very similar but Tonya worked harder and at least demonstrated her potential. We never got such from Bobek. She showed a glimmer of the potential and work ethic in 1995 but she didn't try hard enough. As Tyra Banks always says on Top Model, "She rested on pretty," and didn't push. At least Tonya isn't on her way to jail like Nicole is. Such a shame.

Anonymous said...

While I'd give the edge to Harding by virtue of her technical advancements, it's actually a lot closer than it appears. It's harder to quantify Bobek's strengths in comparison to Harding's, but arguably she was more well-rounded in her gifts than was Harding.