Saturday, June 5

About men's fs. Why do you think the avg age of WCs has gone up in last few years? It was normal for skaters aged 19-21 to win titles, names like Plushenko & Lambiel come to mind. Now 21 y.o. Kozuka, whom I love, is considered an up and comer. Why?

I think it was really rare to have someone like Plushenko already on the World podium at 15 and really dominating in the years afterwards. More or less the same for Lambiel. Stephane had some really strong showings early in his career (2002 Euros, 2003 Worlds qualifying), and I'm sure that really helped build steam.

As far as Kozuka, he's still at the "up and coming" stage because he still has yet to really break loose and skate with a freedom. I think that pretty much everyone sees the amazing potential and the perfect basics he has, but until he breaks out and really skates like he can be the best in the World, he's always going to have that title of being a future threat. Remember, he was already in the top 6 in the world in 2009, yet he's thrown into the "future" group with names like Amodio and Fernandez-- who have yet to be in the top 10 at Words and are younger.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like Taka's skating skills are better than Patrick Chan's, even as Chan is touted as having pure skating skills by his fans. Plus Taka has a quad, which Chan certainly doesn't have or haven't used in competitions. Same goes for Amodio who's better at showing his programs but definitely trails behind Taka in other aspects.

That's why I think Taka would do well to take the cue from Lambiel, being an admirer of Taka's skating, and who's said in interviews to want to choreograph/ help him. I wonder what it'll take for Taka to break out and really sell a program? He is my favorite non-retired much potential.