Monday, June 7

Another on JW. Do you think the comments about fiqure skating trying to appeal to a more masculine audience has hurt JW in the judging.

I don't understand whoever came up with this logic. Aside from a very few instances, I wouldn't consider most of the top skaters in the world very "masculine". At the same time, most of those skaters also aren't parading around in the outfits that Johnny is when he is off the ice, but still, it really doesn't mean they are any more masculine.

I know when I discuss this, it rubs some people the wrong way, but we have to be real about the whole thing. Skating DOES attract a very large gay audience, while most straight people can find plenty of other things to do with their time. That's just how it goes. It will never be big with the football-loving straight men, so why try to make it something it's really not?

Ask me a question about figure skating!

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Anonymous said...

I would also add that JW and some of his fans are perhaps confusing U.S. judges with international judges. I doubt international judges go into a competition thinking 'oh we're gonna underscore JW cuz he's sooo gay'. Um, no. Definition of masculinity varies around the world.

For example, Stephane Lambiel's FS to La Traviata can appear to be G-A-Y to typical American male viewers, but that sort of balletic style is very much admired in countries like Russia, where there is a strong ballet and dance tradition. It's not considered effeminate to express oneself through dance and music. Male dancers in Russia are considered to be demi-Gods by everyone from factory workers to cab drivers.