Friday, June 11

Are We All Beside Ourselves in Excitement Over GP Assignments?

Tomorrow begins the 9-day 53rd ISU Ordinary Congress in Barcelona. While the good stuff (rule changes and the like) won't start being decided upon until Monday, tomorrow is also the day that the ISU will release the preliminary Grand Prix assignments for each of the six events. I don't know, I must have always been a really big dork because I always enjoyed analyzing the lists and seeing who was still competing and who wasn't, who got screwed and who got lucky, and all that other fun stuff that ends up pointless in a few months because the rosters have been modified so much. Oh well, I still need to have some kind of off-season fun!

For reference (mostly for my own personal boredom), a few months ago I predicted which skaters would fill the spots. Read my thoughts on the ladies and the men, and keep in mind that news such as the most recent Joannie Rochette article stating she would most likely not compete in the series, and my own guesses such as Kristoffer Berntsson retiring following the 2010 season, obviously proved to be wrong! We shall see about the rest :-)

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tomorrow! I love analyzing the lists too!