Wednesday, June 23

Canac/Bonheur Set to Compete

Originally, the new pairing of French skaters Adeline Canac and Yannick Bonheur was for the purpose of summer skating exhibitions. You can see two of their performances from the Dammarie Gala here

Not so bad for such a short time together, right?! I heard today that they will also compete as a team. They are currently training without a coach at Paris-Bercy, and will create new programs with Lynn Haddad starting tomorrow. Expect them to make their competitive debut at the French Masters in September.

Still no news whether Bonheur's former partner Vanessa James' icepartnersearch profile was actually her creating or a fake.


Gigi said...

Wow! Can't believe what I'm reading. Especially after Vanessa having relocated to France for Yannick.

Is there any news on where they will be working with Line Haddad? Seeing as she is based at the Chelsea Piers rink in NYC...

Anonymous said...

Line Haddad is currently in France.