Monday, June 21

Could you explain what a cheat jump is? How can you identify them? Also, can you cheat a throw jump? I really enjoy your blog!

A jump that is cheated doesn't get the full rotation, and therefore it is not landed on a perfect back outside edge. Many skaters do a good job of masking the cheat by being able to show full control with their upper bodies while their skate has to slightly turn a quarter or so of a rotation on the ice, and that is why you really have to look at the blade when it hits the ice more than anything else. It is something that you will start to be able to catch with your own eye after some time, but don't get me wrong-- sometimes even the judges and technical panel (the people who decide whether a jump is rotated enough to be called a triple, etc.) might not be 100% confident whether a jump had enough rotation until they watch it in slow motion.

Throw jumps usually aren't cheated. I think that since there is so much force coming from the throw, the lady knows as soon as she gets into the air if she's going to be able to muscle out the full rotation. If she doesn't, it'll usually be popped into a double or she will rotate the jump completely but crash hard to the ice. I am sure some of the younger skaters might tend to cheat their throws, but it's definitely not seen too often at the elite level.

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