Thursday, June 24

Did you take the overrated question as a version of who gets too high PCS? Because I don't see Van Der Perren or Voronov as being very highly rated skaters but maybe their PCS is too high?

An overrated skater doesn't have to be one that is at the top of the standings. It's really hard for a skater to be overmarked on the total elements score (at least for the most part, as long as the judges don't get +2 and +3 crazy), so yes it mostly comes down to their components, as I mentioned. Van der Perren skates right through his music most of the time and showcases mostly crossovers and simple two-foot skating throughout his programs. Voronov's basics are extremely weak and I don't find his choreography that strong, either. If I were a judge, their components would be in the 5.00-low 6.00 range, if that. Most judges refuse to fluctuate or move components down when the technical score is somewhat high. That needs to change!

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