Friday, June 4

Do you think Evan is a jerk or do you think he is just kind of boring?

Hmmm. I don't want to turn this Formspring all gossipy, but I think he comes across extremely awkward all the time because he's trying to be someone that he isn't. When he talks during interviews, it sounds like he's trying really hard to speak with a deep voice. He also tries to be careful with not showing much emotion, but we've all seem him jumping up and down backstage several times upon hearing he has won events.

As far as boring-- I have a much different personality than Evan appears to have, so I probably would find him boring :-)

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Anonymous said...

While I admire Evans work ethic, I am put off by the phony persona. He comes across as contrived and false. I would avoid a person like this, because I would think they were hiding something or scamming someone.

I am really surprised he wants to be an actor, because he can't even act as himself well.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I do agree that he is pretty awkward and clearly that wouldn't work in any performance, hence intensity would be one way to cover it up. That being said, I don't really see the "phoniness" that some others see, because (to me at least) there was no dissonance between his FS interviews and DWTS. Still awkward and reserved (some would even say "cold"), though looking at audience reception it definitely translated better in the latter.

But I guess that's what comes of analyzing someone else's personality 'cause different people will just perceive the same characteristics differently :)