Thursday, June 10

do you think mao asada deserved to beat kim yu-na at worlds? and why do you think the scores were inflated as far as worlds and the olympics go?

Yes, there's no question that Asada was better than Kim at Worlds. I'll even go as far as saying that Kim was extremely lucky that so many skaters faltered in the short program, because she could have easily found herself even further down in the standings on almost any other day (I probably would have had her below Phaneuf for 8th place in the short, so I think she was more-or-less judged fair. Also remember that Ando, Suzuki, and Leonova all had their own mini-disasters..)

And as far as the inflated scores.. I think when you start high in the earlier groups, you naturally expect the skaters in the later and final group to be better (well at least the JUDGES seem to, I don't!) so they just keep up-ing the scores based on reputation of sorts, or placement after the short program. If you read my interview with Patrick Ibens from March, I asked him several questions about this very topic. I also think that at the huge events, the judges get a little GOE-happy and hand out +2's and even +3's like candy on Halloween compared to the rest of the season.

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