Sunday, June 6

Do you think spins should be awarded more in the CoP? It must be hard to do spins since so many top skaters' spins are ugly to average. Joubert & Weir for example have so-so spins at best, when their jumps fail them their programs are awful to watch.

Joubert has actually really improved as far as his spinning goes, but I do agree that many of the men have average spins. Michal Brezina has all of the goods to be a World Champion, except that his spins are actually poor at best. We will probably be seeing a lot of skaters struggling next year, because one of the items on the Congress agenda is to make the men perform flying and change foot spins with different positions in the short program. For example, if a skater is doing a flying camel spin, then they will have to do a sit/change/sit spin. It used to be that they could do all of the spins with the same basic position, and most of the men opted for the sit spins.

I think that the spin element values are pretty fair, though.

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Meri said...

Thanks for addressing the commonly held belief that Joubert is a poor spinner. He's certainly not one of the all-time greats in this area, but his work with Lucinda Ruh over the last few years has really helped, and he's at least an above average spinner these days.

I think some improvements are more obvious than others - e.g. if a skater gets a consistent 3A that he didn't have before, that's noticeable and can't be debated. Whereas with spins and more so steps and choreography, people often continue to hold on to past perceptions.