Thursday, June 10

Dorsaz Done at 21

Yup, at the ripe old age of (basically just having turned) 21, Swiss pairs skater Antoine Dorsaz announced that he is retiring from the sport because he is no longer motivated. With partner Anais Morand, the team finished 8th at the 2010 European Championships, and had 15th and 13th place finishes at the Olympic Games and World Championships. Interestingly enough, I was catching up with Dorsaz just a few weeks ago and he seemed quite excited by their new free skate, set to be skated to music from "Austin Powers". Not sure what brought about the sudden change of heart, but this makes another Swiss skater or team retiring, even though next years European Championships will be held in Bern. Stephane Lambiel retired following the Olympics, but his silver medal at the 2010 Europeans earns three other teammates the right to compete at home. Morand and Dorsaz's 8th place finish this year will now give two different teams (if there are any left) entries to the event, as well. As of now, ladies skater and long-time Swiss champion Sarah Meier intends to compete next year, which will most likely be her last.

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