Wednesday, June 30

Formspring Roundup

Some questions that were asked this weekend all in one post.

What do you think about the future prospects of Miki and Mao with the new rule changes in effect? I would think that we will be seeing lots of Triple Lutz/Flip-Triple Loop, Triple Axels, and Quad Salchows.

Triple/triples, definitely. Mao will continue with the triple Axel, yes, but I doubt that Miki will try to bring back the quad Salchow. She's gone for it in practices over the last few years at certain events, but then in the actual competition it doesn't look like she was ever planning on putting it into her programs. For Miki, I'd rather see her work on the other areas of her skating (stronger choreography and transitions, more attention to details, etc) than stalk one jump for the first minute a la Asada last season.

Are only ice dancers allowed to use lyrics in their competitive program music? I know singles can't, but what about pairs?

Yes, only ice dancers can use vocal music in their programs. Singles skaters and ice dancers may use music with voices, as long as the voices are only being used as an instrument. Here's an example of that:

Did Daisuke Takahashi deserve the Olympic bronze medal?

Absolutely. I don't think it should have been as close as it was between Takahashi and Lambiel, and I think Daisuke should have won the short program in Vancouver.

What level of difficulty would Yagudin's footwork be getting if it were scored by IJS? And how does it compare with the best of the footwork by the current crop of skaters?

I am guessing you mean his footwork from his competitive days since the prior question has to do with the 2002 Olympics. Level 1 probably. It was somewhat innovative and showed that you can really highlight the element rather than just spending 5 seconds to rush through it, but with all of the additions to needing varieties turns and steps, all of the toe pick action wouldn't cut it these days.

Which skaters do you think have the most to be nervous about if Johnny does reveal who he slept with in his book?

Well as of right now, wouldn't those skaters be ladies? Or is Johnny going to come out in his book, as well?

what is your opinion of Priscilla Hill?

I don't have an opinion one way or the other. I do question how she trained Johnny because of the incident at 2003 Nationals when he fell doing a back crossover at the beginning of his free skate and then seemed completely disoriented about where he was at in the program. There were other instances in the following years where a mistake seemed to completely throw him off to where it looked like he wasn't even trying anymore or improvising throughout the program.

However, now she has Viktor Pfeifer from Austria and it seems like his basic skating has improved day and night from what it once was. Maybe I just never noticed, or maybe she is to thank in part

According to Johnny, Galina made him take out most of the choreography from David Wilson´s programs, cnaging an ass swivel to a shoulder swivel etc. What do you think about Galina in general. Was she actually a good choice for Johnny? I start to doubt it

I think that Galina might have sacrificed a lot of the choreography (or whatever it was) in order to make sure Johnny could get through a long program and put all of the focus on the jumps, which were becoming inconsistent. But my thing about the whole "Johnny was robbed" comes down to this exact situation-- if he was taking choreography out of the program, then how could they have expected to receive components marks comparable to the other top skaters? It just makes no sense.

Do you believe McLaughlin looked more filled out this weekend than she had at Nationals? Maybe it was just a lack of serious training recently. If they knew they were planning to call it quits, they may not have been training/conditioning at 100%.

She looked more filled out but not in a gained weight/out of shape way.. she's just grown up. It definitely was nice that they stuck around for Skate for Hope, though, even if they haven't been practicing at 100%.

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