Saturday, June 5

Given that skating's Summer Olympics counterpart, gymnastics, has a team event, what sort of FS team format could you see being most successful/reasonable at the Winter Olys? (Hypothetically speaking, of course, since we know it probably won't happen.)

I think it would have to end up something like the World Team Trophy format, but the problem is that doing a short and long program alone is already so exhausting to the skaters. Adding another short and long program during the same Olympics would just add a lot more stress and fatigue for the skaters. I realize that Michael Phelps is able to swim a ton of different races in the course of one Olympics, when you include prelims, semis, finals, etc, but he practices for that and is an extremely rare case. Figure skaters have been trained their whole lives to usually skate one short program/original dance and one free skate/dance, so throwing in a whole new competition would be a lot of work in my opinion.

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