Sunday, June 13

Grand Prix Assignments 2010/2011

They are published!

Highlights, who was screwed, who got lucky, and all that fun stuff:


Kevin Van der Perren (BEL) is listed for two events- Japan and USA. I originally thought he was retiring after the 2010 Worlds but then readers suggested he wanted to stay in for next season, but only compete at the big events (Euros, Worlds) so we will see if he decides to compete so early.

The French men: Florent Amodio, in a WTF moment for me, only has one event (Japan) right now. Alban Preaubert has two: Canada and Russia, Brian Joubert also has two: China and France, and Chafik Besseghier has France. There is still one 'to be determined' slot for Bompard, but that's it! One reader suggested that Yannick Ponsero's not showing up at the French test skate for Worlds was a big slap in the face to the Federation, and unless he's retired and I've missed that announcement, it seems to be true. Amodio most certainly should have two events and I'm hoping he gets the other TBD.

The Canadian men: Patrick Chan (Canada and Russia) and Kevin Reynolds (Canada and France) each get two events, Jeremy Ten gets one in Japan, and Shawn Sawyer gets one in the USA. As usual, the third Skate Canada spot is TBD and will probably be decided at Nebelhorn Trophy early in the season. I thought Sawyer would get two events for sure, and it seems like Vaughn Chipeur (the second entry at the Olympic Games) is either done or Skate Canada is telling him he should be done-- but I somewhat saw that coming.

The Russian men: Artem Borodulin only has one event, in Japan, even though he was chosen over Sergei Voronov (who has two: China and France) for the Olympic Games, but had the unfortunate broken blade incident at Worlds and had to withdraw in the middle of his short program. First-year senior Artur Gachinski oddly gets two events right away, too, in Canada and Russia (even though he is in the top 24 World rankings), and Evgeny Plushenko (!) is listed for Cup of Russia. We will see how long that lasts. I expect him to go into hiding/get fat/do whatever with his life until the 2013 Grand Prix series. Sound familiar? And once again, there is a TBD spot for Cup of Russia.

The Japanese men: The only thing really surprising is that Daisuke Murakami has an event: at Skate America. I guess skating for the USA for so long, even with a not-so-good World ranking and a low finish at Nationals (19th, to be exact), still earns you the right to compete over other skaters! I'm not bitter.. just surprised :-) Yasuharu Nanri, who talked of retirement after last season, is listed for Skate Canada.

The American men: No Ryan Bradley, no Evan Lysacek, no Grant Hochstein (staying junior?), no Keegan Messing (again-- staying junior?), no Richard Dornbush (aged out of junior), etc. Johnny Weir is listed for two events, in Canada and France, but I think everyone obviously questions if he will return. Skaters with two events: Jeremy Abbott (Japan and Russia), Ross Miner (Japan and China), Adam Rippon (Canada and USA), and Brandon Mroz (China and France). Stephen Carriere is listed for Skate America, and there is a TBD for the event. I'm guessing they might be saving it for Lysacek if he does decide to return. Fewer spots for the American men than I predicted, by far.

Kristoffer Berntsson from Sweden stays in and gets one event, in Canada. Teammate Alexander Majorov is most likely staying junior, as he is the only other skater in the top 24 World rankings without any assignments besides previously mentioned Ponsero. While on the subject of Swedes, Adrian Schultheiss has events in Japan and the USA.

Everyone else is pretty much as predicted. Alexandr Kazakov from Belarus had an amazing World Championship and it is nice to see he was rewarded with an event- France. Peter Liebers from Germany, as I predicted, still received one assignment-- the same event. Biggest surprises are obviously Ponsero with no events, Amodio, Borodulin, and Sawyer with just one event so far, Bradley with no events, etc. I'm sure plenty of spots will open up in the next few months, as usual.


The Canadian ladies: one event for Diane Szmiett (Japan), Amelie Lacoste (USA), and Myriane Samson (Russia), while Cynthia Phaneuf has events in Canada and France. Two TBD spots at Skate Canada, one probably being held for Joannie Rochette if she decides for some reason to continue, and the other for the highest finisher at Nebelhorn Trophy, or some other early fall event. I'm surprised Lacoste didn't receive two, and I think she will probably get one of the Skate Canada spots over Samson after her disaster World Championship.

The French ladies: Lena Marrocco gets Japan and Mae Bernice Meite gets USA, yet I'm pretty sure they are no where near the high rankings in either World Standings or Personal Bests. Politics? Candice Didier is listed for her home event, along with two TBD. Interesting.

The Japanese ladies: Many spots-- Mao Asada in Japan and France, Kanako Murakami in Japan and USA, Haruka Imai in Canada and France, Fumie Suguri! in Canada and France, Miki Ando in China and Russia, Akiko Suzuki in China and Russia as well. A TBD spot is also listed for NHK Trophy. No surprises at all, except the Fumie Suguri is still around.

The American ladies: Rachael Flatt has events in Japan and the USA, Ashley Wagner- Japan and Russia, Caroline Zhang- Japan and the USA, Alissa Czisny- Canada and France, Alexe Gilles- Canada, Agnes Zawadzki- Canada and Russia, Amanda Dobbs- China, Kristine Musademba- China, Mirai Nagasu- China and France, and a TBD spot at Skate America. Christina Gao must be staying junior, and I'll guess that the Skate America spot comes down between Amanda Dobbs and Angela Maxwell (if she's going senior?). Dobbs would have consecutive events in China and the USA, though, so I don't know how well that would work out. It's been done before but they switched up the events this year so that these things wouldn't happen.

The Russian ladies: Well, I guess all of the juniors are staying junior. Alena Leonova has two events, in China and Russia, as does Ksenia Makarova (Canada and Russia), but the only other spot is a TBD at Cup of Russia.

Lots of skaters with one event besides those already mentioned: Yan Liu in China, Joshi Helgesson in China, Anastasia Gimazetdinova in China (I think she'll be 30 by the time that event rolls around, or very close to it!), Jenna McCorkell in the USA, Min-Jung Kwak in the USA, Elena Glebova in Russia, Valentina Marchei in Russia, and Sonia Lafuente in France.

Skate America's field looks to be wide open with unpredictable skaters (Lepisto, Kostner, Flatt) headlining, as does Skate Canada (Phaneuf, Lepisto, Makarova being the big "seeeded" skaters). China and Russia feature deep fields in both. China has Ando, Suzuki, Kim, Leonova, and Nagasu, while Russia has the exact same minus Nagasu. Japan and the USA also have many of the same ladies on the roster: Gedevanishvili, Kostner, Murakami, V Helgesson, Flatt, Zhang. Half of the field!

I am surprised Cheltzie Lee didn't get an invite to one of the events after the North American coverage she received this year (a la Karademir, who also didn't get any.. maybe she retired?). I'd guess J Helgesson, McCorkell, and Glebova are high in line to earn second events if there are withdrawals.

Pairs: (aka- ahhh. Smaller fields. Not so much to analyze early in the morning!)

The Chinese pairs: Pang and Tong are listed for two events! I'm pretty sure they said they were retiring, but in any event they are on the Japan and China rosters. Zhang/Wang are competing in Japan, Dong/Wu in Canada, Zhangs in China and France, and Sui/Han in the USA. I thought the World Junior Champions would definitely be assigned two events, but I'm pretty sure there is still a rule saying that only pairs teams can compete junior and senior in the same season on the Grand Prix, and maybe this is what they are opting to do. There still is a TBD spot for China, though. Actually, every single host nation has left one spot TBD.

On the subject of the TBD spots- Japan only has one pair to my knowledge, Takahash/Tran. They are assigned to Russia and I'm sure they will also skate in Japan.

The American pairs: Denney/Barrett skate in Japan and the USA, Inoue/Baldwin appear to be continuing and have an event in Japan, Castelli/Shnapir in Canada, McLaughlin/Brubaker in Canada and the USA, Evora/Ladwig in China and Russia, Yankowskas/Coughlin in China, and Simpson/Miller in Russia.

The Canadian pairs: Besides Dube/Davison (Canada and Russia), each team has one event. Lawrence/Swiegers in Canada, Hole/Johnson in China, Moore-Towers/Moscovitch in the USA, and Brodeur/Mattatall in France. The third Skate Canada spot should definitely go to Duhamel/Radford.

The Russian pairs: Volosozhar/Trankov can't skate until the end of the season so they obviously do not have events. I don't know which country Mukhortova/Blanchard plan to skate for (I'd guess Russia over France) but they also don't have events yet-- although they could if they did pick Russia. If she wants to skate for France, she would have to wait until early in the 2011/2012 season to compete.

No real surprises otherwise. There are a handful of young Russian teams competing, and both Italian teams (Della Monica/Kocon  and Berton/Hotarek) earned two events. The new team of James/Coia is already listed for France, while the other pair of Canac/Bonheur might have a shot at the TBD spot.


becauseofitall said...

So does this mean Yu Na is continuing at least for this season?

Anonymous said...

Is it significant that Rippon got both SC and SA, while Abbott has to travel overseas twice to NHK and Russia?

Is Abbott out of favor?

Tonichelle said...

...I don't *think* Messing is staying Junior, considering he skated as a senior, then again the USFSA may have other plans (like shafting him)...

oh well, guess I will have to wait and see him skate at nationals on tv then.

Olympic Sports News said...

I'm sad Gao doesn't seem to be senior. Do you think Armin might get the USA TBD spot?

Anonymous said...

No mention of Yu-na or dance?

Anonymous said...

... Do you not care for ice-dancing?

And I'm doubtful that Johnny Weir is continuing, and and Lysacek is probably retiring.

Sad, sad day.

Tony said...

I don't think the Abbott vs. Rippon means anything, really.

Toni- just because a skater is senior in their Nationals doesn't mean that they are exactly ready to skate senior internationally and get lost in the shuffle for a few years. I bet Keegan will be back on the JGP.

Armin has a good chance for the Skate America spot, but I'd guess Grant Hochstein is the frontrunner if I had to pick anyone. Again, it comes down to whether he wants to compete senior internationally.

I mentioned Yu-na in the depth of the fields in China and Russia. :-)

I actually was going to highlight all of the disciplines this morning, but I got wrapped up in talking to a few friends overseas about Ponsero and some other topics, and then I had to go to my "real" job for the day. I will edit in the dance fields later on.

Anonymous said...

I don´t know why Plushenko was listed for Cup of Russia, he will skip the 2010-2011 season,he said it long time ago.
Anyway I hope he will get fat again and appear miraculously in 2013, I love when after a few months of training he beats people who has trained a lifetime! LOL!!!