Tuesday, June 22

Hello For the ladies competition in 2002 I have for a long time believed the following ordinals should have been the result: Short-Long Final Slutskaya: 1-2 1 Hughes: 4-1 2 Kwan: 3-3 3 Cohen: 2-4 4 What do you think of my ordinals?

Hmmm. I think Kwan received a gift of 1st place in the short, because the triple flip was clearly not fully rotated. I know that many people hated the "Serenade" look on Slutskaya, but I actually liked her effort and agree with 1st for her in the SP.

I'd have to watch Kwan and Slutskaya closely again in the LP to make a final decision under the 6.0 system, but under IJS I don't even know that I'd have Hughes 1st in the LP. She probably would have been 9th-11th or so in the SP.

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