Thursday, June 10

How difficult is it for a pairs skater to change partners? How long does it take? I don't know much about pairs, but Trankov has said in interviews that he hadn't skated with his new partner before they made the announcement, and that seems risky to me.

If they are both elite-level skaters, it doesn't seem to take very long as long as the skaters are compatible in the first place. Petrova/Tikhonov, I believe, were together for not even a year before they ended 4th in their first Worlds (and won the next year!), Duhamel/Buntin were together less than a year and they ended up 6th in their first Worlds, etc. There aren't very many different techniques as far as the lifts and twists and all that go, so it's mainly just figuring out the same timing on the individual elements and trying to develop the same look as far as the basics (crossovers, speed) go-- which I'm sure can be extremely difficult.

I haven't followed all of the Mukhortova/Trankov/Volosozhar stories, but that would surprise me if he did say that without even having skated with her at least a few times. However, I think Tatiana Volosozhar is probably one of the best pairs ladies in the World, and I am sure Trankov was thrilled he is now able to skate with her.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question! About him not having skated with Volosozhar yet, reading that interview again I probably misunderstood it. (

Pairs has been my least favourite of the four so far, but I'm getting more interested in it. So thanks once again for answering my question, and for your really interesting blog! :-)