Thursday, June 24

How is it possible that Mclaughlin seems to have put all the eggs in the Olympic basket and is still so devastated, while Brubaker is already over it? i expect to see her back skating, but i am surprised she is taking this long to snap out of it.

We don't know if not making the Olympics was the only factor in determining their break-up. When I saw her last week, Keauna looked like she had really filled out and probably grown a few inches between then and now. That could have thrown off the timing for the team, and Rockne might have struggled as he is already on the short side to begin with.

I really think it's something more than not making the Olympics, because if it was, they probably should have called it quits right after Nationals or Four Continents and allowed Rockne to possibly find another partner right away. Then again, Keauna might have just realized she wants to live more of a "normal" teenage life without the stresses of having a strict training schedule.. it happens.

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