Wednesday, June 23

How many Turns and Steps should be included in a level 4 sequence?

(From the ISU's most recent rules):

Five complex turns and three complex steps all executed at least once in both directions.

Types of turns (executed on one foot) : three turns, twizzles, brackets, loops, counters, rockers.
Types of steps (executed on one foot whenever possible) : toe steps, chasses, mohawks, choctaws, curves with change of edge, cross-rolls, running steps.

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Tingting said...

Hi Tony, first thank you so much for your wonderful blog! You are envied by many for your access to so much insider's info :D

I am trying to locate the 5(!!!) turns from Daisuke's OG LP CiSt4, but I counted only 4. Can you see where I messed up?
(scroll down a little bit...)